How I made my First $100 dollars online

You, may be surprise that I said $100 dollars only while some claim they make thousands, if not millions monthly. Well, it depends on the individuals but let me tell you the truth, majority of these people who claim that they make million never made any. While through hard work, one can make millions daily but with my little experience, you can truly make money online to the extent of abandoning your job for online business.
How I made my first $100 online
How I made my first $100 online
Before I noticed it, 500 members of our club has watched the one minutes video and all of them sharing the video to the public and before I realized what was happening, within the next sixty days a check arrived and theIt was back in the year 2003, when I finished my high schools, I was contemplating on what to do next and I heard people talk about Yahoo-Yahoo boys, that these people can really make a lot of money online, believe me, everybody wants to make money in life and to live a better life. Then upon searching on the net again, I attended a seminar that deals with only online marketing and there they mentioned how a person became a millionaire for joining Club Sarosota with only $10, then I said okay seeing that this is only ten dollars, let me give it a trial knowing fully well that if this was going to be another dupe, by yahoo-yahoo boys, then I will not cry much because it was only $10 to join the club. I went and joined Club Sarosota with only $10 membership fee. Do you know what? This club was the people who introduced me to Youtube and how to make money with Youtube.com for free and that was only what I needed to have was just a computer and a Gmail address and the rest will become history. Then I went and create a youtube account with my free Gmail account, I also went to Google images and downloaded ten images free of charge and used those images to create a slide show and uploaded it to my Youtube chanel .
check was from youtube and the amount was $125.That made me to remain active member of club Sarosota and I have also founded my own club called Beeclub. Today, you can as well as be making $5 daily online just by visiting websites and clicking adverts in those site. If you are interested, please comment below and I will tell you how to go about it free of charge. Thanks for reading this piece, please I will like you to share this story with your friends on the social media.

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