Many people are too relaxed about what is happening to planet earth because they think they will no longer be around to see it. Most tend to expect it will not happen in their lifetime. That is not only the most selfish thing to say but inaction on their part will affect everyone. The planet is dying thanks to man's treatment of it and it is our responsibility.

Things have certainly changed over the last 50 or so years and it is, quite frankly, frightening. Costs have spiraled out of control, the world's population is definitely out of control, and the rate of species extinction is also out of control.

In my younger days we had everything. Plenty of food, lots of land, cheap housing, and a great lifestyle. We were not rich but we did not need to be. We had warmth, clothing, a good education, were well entertained and we enjoyed our environment. Where I lived in Bondi, New South Wales, there was a magnificent beach and just across the peninsula some little way away was the gorgeous Sydney Harbor. That's how my youth is remembered.

Slowly things began to change. People arrived from different parts of the world and they bought their cultures and life-styles with them. Among their behavior patterns were the big families they produced. My siblings numbered three but some of these families had ten, twelve or even more kids among them.

No one at that time was thinking global warming or overpopulation. There was no mention of climate change and the weather patterns certainly gain no indication of it. There was plenty of food as our agricultural land was highly productive and farmers thrived. They made a good living and people generally were well off. There was no discrimination, social differences or any class barriers. If you wanted to achieve something you just went out and did it.

But that is not the case today. In the last fifty years the world's population has gone from 2.5 billion to 7 billion, climate change is real, weather patterns are erratic, the farms are much less productive and we are struggling to get enough energy to sustain our lifestyles. In the rush to get more energy farmland is being turned into coal and gas mines, at least in Australia. The oceans are being so heavily fished that many ocean species are collapsing and some are already extinct.

Put it all together and what has man achieved. A world where humans can no longer live in peace and security, where many animal and plant species are dying out and where discrimination is rife as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Yes, we are dying because we are killing ourselves with ideas that have no reality in good management of the systems, with beliefs that are founded on myths and with ridiculous politicians who favor big business over common sense.

Most of us will live to regret what is happening today.

Source by Norma Holt


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