When you and your pet are visiting an off leash dog park, it is important to remember to manage your dog's water supply. Assuming that water will be available can be a huge mistake. Just because an area is dog friendly does not mean that safe drinking water is available. In order to prevent your pet from getting sick or dehydrated, you always need to have an ample supply of water on hand. Below are some useful tips for dealing with water in pet friendly areas.

When you are planning to head out to the dog park, it is always good to assume that no water will be available for your dog. This has many advantages – you'll never get eaten out with a thirsty or dehydrated dog and you can be 100% confident that the water your dog is drinking is clean and safe.

Do not ever allow your dog to drink from a puddle in an off leash dog park, or anywhere else for that matter. Anything could be contaminated that water; fertilizers, motor oil, pesticides or any number of bacteria that could prove to be harmful to your dog. Take your pet away from any source of water, whether stagnant or moving, and give them the water that you have bought from home instead.

If the dog park features water activities, it is a wise idea to examine these areas carefully before you allow your dog to play in them. The water in these areas should be fresh and reasonably clean. A little mud bought in from other dogs is one thing, but if the water looks polluted, do not every allow your dog to play in it or you'll definitely have a sick pet in your hands.

In general, offer your dog the water you have brought from home regularly so that they are well hydrated and less compared to drink other sources in the area.

It is always a good idea to bring a collapsible bowl with you at all times. Pet stores offer many lightweight options that can be easily transported. Most of these items can be snapped onto leashes for convenience and will then dry quickly and easily. As a back-up, keep a bowl or some disposable containers in the boot of the car so that you always have something on hand for your dog to drink from.

Pet friendly areas are meant to be fun places to take your dogs to. Do not spoil the trip by leaving them thirsty or without clean water to drink.

Source by Lucy Punch


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