The breeding period for moles is between the months of February and June, usually during Spring At this time the male moles have their sexual organs ready to emit sperms and the females have their uterine ready to carry young ones. The males also known as the boar digs long large burrows in search for a mate. Moles prepare before mating by making big to wide tunnels which can accommodate two of them, this is the first step to the breeding period.

When they find a female also known as a sow, they will mate and then leave them behind. The moles only come together for the purpose of mating purposes and after that they live solitary lives; the males do not participate in raising the young ones. Moles are not social animals and will not live together for long, they will be together usually during mating which could last a few hours.

The gestation period of a mole is thirty days and the moles give birth to a litter of two to seven young ones. The skin of the young ones is naked until they are two weeks old since they are born without fur therefore the mother must keep them warm by making a nest with some soft grasses and leaves. By the time the young ones are three weeks old they are able to move around, at this time they are feeding on their mother milk alone. When the young ones are seven weeks old they are strong enough and then can leave their mother to go and make their own tunnels and start looking for food on their own and living alone.

The cycle goes on. A mature sow can give birth only once in a year between the months of February and June or basically during spring therefore we can say that moles do not reproduce that much otherwise if they did, they would be so many and the amount of destruction they would cause due to their population would be large.

When the young ones leave their mothers and start making their own tunnels they are very destructive to lawns and flowerbeds, because they are very energetic and will make long tunnels in no time and will therefore cause serious destruction. At the same time they are vigorously hunting for vertebrates to feed on in the soils and this will lead to their making heaves on the paths and on loose soils as well as making your lawn uneven with molehills. The numbers of the born moles have a fifty percent chance of survival. This is so because of the natural cause of death and the fact that once they leave their mothers tunnel, they are exposed to predators who prêt on them because they are too naïve to know the tricks on how to stay safe from their predators.

Young ground moles are a hazard to human beings and many will seek to get rid of them so as to prevent destruction in their lawn, flower beds and pathways in schools or in hotels or anywhere else.

Source by Claire Geonzon


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