Young Pigeon Racing

Should you be racing your pigeons when they are only a few months old? Most definitely! Young birds are ready to start racing after just 3 or 4 months. And they can race up to fairly long distances as well. I would not suggest anything more than 500 km, 300-400 is good amount. Of course if you're wanting to race shorter distances, that is fine too.

It is best to race them before they are too sexually mature. From my experience, racing around 4 months, I at least have had better results, but it could vary depending on the training schedule, as well as what you are feeding your young racing pigeons. Try using the Darkening System for these pigeons. This will cause them to moult their body feathers, but keep their flight feathers. It will increase their flying ability and help them win races as well.

After they have their new feathers, it is time to do some serious training. They can handle a lot of training during this point. Be careful not to add to much stress to them of course. That will damage their health. But usually they enjoy to train for large amounts of time during this stage. The training schedule can vary, depending on how you usually do your training. You may want to do large amounts one day, rest the next with small bits of exercise. Or something more consistent that is almost everyday, but in smaller amounts. Find something that fits well with you and your pigeons. The main thing you want to remember to do is, use the Darkening system, when they moulted their body feathers, and have new feathers they are ready to train.

However, while in the stage of using the Darkening System, you do not want to train them. They are too young, they do not have their feathers. It will not well in your favor. However you still need to exercise them. Probably once or twice a day would be sufficient for exercise, and same with feeding. Try to match it up, for example, if you exercise them twice a day, then feed them twice a day. That is just a rule of thumb for me.

Racing young birds, is fun, and very exciting. You get to find out what each pigeon is capable of, and find out if you did the right things to help them win races. Racing season starts differently in different countries, so just go by 4 or 5 months after hatching, will be the time around where the season starts for young pigeons.

Source by Adam KB


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